Sturgis Notables

Notables - "Where is the Love?".MP4

About us

Sturgis Notables is the Sturgis East 9th and 10th grade chorus. 

Who should join? This is the only Sturgis music group that is not extracurricular. To join, 9th and 10th grade Sturgis students can choose Chorus 9 or Chorus 10 during the course selection process for their electives. Anyone is welcome!

What does the group sing? This group sings a variety of choral repertoire which can vary depending on the students who sign up for the course. A typical program will include one popular song, one song in a language other than English, and one song of a more "serious" or "ballad-like" nature. The group has sung SSA, SAB, and SATB choral arrangements accompanied and unaccompanied.

When does the group meet?
The 9/10 chorus meets during regularly scheduled rotating classes. The group also is required to attend sectionals on Mondays at lunch twice per month.

Who do I contact if I'd like to join?
You can email the director, Mrs. Natalie Sheeler, the music teacher and choral director at Sturgis East.