Miscellaneous Ensembles

About us

PLEASE NOTE: At Sturgis East, we welcome the creation of any kind of ensemble. If you would like to make a new group, please let Mrs. Sheeler know! The sky is the limit. The only things you require are an advisor and a space to meet/rehearse. Below are a few ensembles which existed in the past to give you ideas.


Boomwhacker Club is a current innovation that has not yet gotten off the ground, but Andrew Diana is seeking members! Please reach out to him if you are interested.

Karaoke Club has recently been run by Ashley Holanda. Students get together and sing with a sound system over karaoke tracks on youtube. Mrs. Spunzo oversees this group. Reach out to her for more information.

Songwriting Club was a popular club during the pandemic. Jocelyn Cohen hosted regular meetings during which students would share poetry, lyrics they wrote recently, and analyze albums/artists for fun.

Brass Ensemble was the school's brass quartet. It was designed to create a space for French Horn and students interested in playing classical music. Mrs. Sheeler was the ensemble director.

Saxophone Ensemble was the school's expanded saxophone quartet which combined students from both Sturgis East and Sturgis West. It was designed to give extra support to our saxophone sections. Mrs. Sheeler was the ensemble director.

Sax Ensemble Recordings/Archives: