Open Mics


the halloween open mic was a success!

We regularly host Open Mics at Sturgis East! There will be another soon - likely in January or February.

Students are welcome to come just to watch or to perform in the event. All types of performances are welcome from stand-up comedy, to poetry reading, to the theatre improv club, to sharing a painting you recently completed, to showing random talents like pogoing, to singing, dancing, or playing with a group!

Please sign up by contacting Mrs. Sheeler or Penelope Randall.

Here is a fun (and spooky) virtual music collaboration from the Sturgis Music Society when we were online for you to enjoy!


The Sturgis East music department runs annual Open Mic Nights which are organized by Sturgis music students. Performers include students, teachers, alumni, and others from the Sturgis community who may share their solo or group performing projects, stand up comedy, improv comedy, poetry readings, or other creative projects! We try to do these as frequently as we can around our busy performing schedule!

In addition, each year around late May-early June we run an annual Battle of the Bands competition which includes prizes for the winners.