IB Music

Congratulations 2023 Seniors!

The class of 2023 was certainly a special one. This year's senior group produced the largest number of music majors that Sturgis has ever seen. These students truly brought our program to another level of musical enthusiam and excellence. We cannot thank them enough for all of their contributions. They will be missed!!

IB Music Course Information

The International Baccalaureate Music program is an exciting, inspiring, and invigorating experience. It is designed to be a holistic college level music class that nurtures well-rounded musicians. 

IB music will be one of the most enjoyable, fun, and challenging courses you take at Sturgis. To develop strong musicians, we develop not only performance skills but theory, aural, composition, history knowledge, musical vocabulary skills and the ability to be familiar with repertoire from all places and times in the course. It may seem overwhelming at first, but with practice you will be able to understand any music you hear at a basic level and foster a deeper appreciation and love for all music you hear. All students are welcome to sign up for the course, however, prior experience playing an instrument and a private instructor is heavily encouraged.

The IB course requires students to create portfolios of research, composition, and performances - but there is no exam! For more information about the requirements of the course, see this PPT, or the course syllabus, or reach out to Mrs. Sheeler!

Senior Recital Information

Each year, to celebrate the accomplishments of the IB Music students, we present a senior recital showcase. Each student shares one song from their performing or composing repertoire over the two years with friends, family, and community members.

The 2024 senior recital will tentatively take place on Thursday, March 24th, 7pm at the Guyer Art Barn.

See You Again Final.mp4

Watch the class of 2022's Senior recital at the Guyer Barn!

Watch the class of 2020's virtual graduation song!

Salvation Army volunteering program

Prior to the pandemic, Sturgis built a relationship with our local Salvation Army. The location in Hyannis ran an after school arts enrichment program for youth. Sturgis students volunteered to teach these students guitar, piano, music theory, or dance. Please note that there are endless opportunities like these for IB music students that may be useful for their Contemporary Music Maker Projects.